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Ways to Experience Black and White Magic in Turin

Ways to Experience Black and White Magic in Turin

The northern Italian city of Turin (Torino) may be best known for its religious relics like the famous Shroud of Turin, but it is also home to myths, legends, and a reputation for magic. Read on to learn about Turin’s supernatural side and how to engage with it during a visit. 

History of Black Magic in Turin

The location of Turin contributes to its reputation for magic. The city supposedly lies on the axis of black magic (along with London and San Francisco) and on the axis of white magic (together with Lyon and Prague). Legends of black magic go as far back as the times of the ancient Romans, and stories of the occult have thrived here for centuries. Today, Satanic faces and devilish sculptures are seen throughout the historic city center, and locals point to sites like the location of Turin’s medieval gallows when discussing the city’s black energy.  

Ways to Experience Black Magic in Turin

You can discover Turin’s rich history of black magic through a range of tours and activities. After dark, board a coach to explore the streets of Turin for a tour focused on the occult. Along the way, hear about Turin’s two types of magic (black and white), see an ancient Roman burial site, and check out the city’s top landmarks including the Duomo. A nighttime walking tour featuring spooky ghost stories and legends of unsolved murders offers another lens into Turin’s mysterious past.