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Paineiras Road (Estrada das Paineiras)
Paineiras Road (Estrada das Paineiras)

Paineiras Road (Estrada das Paineiras)

Travelers typically find their way to this scenic winding road tucked amid the hills outside Rio en route to the towering statue of Christ. But locals say this 3-mile path through epic landscapes, waterfalls and thick forests is a destination all its own. Visitors have free rein on weekends, when cars and other motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on Estrada das Paineiras. It’s the perfect time to hike, bike or run here. Travelers should be sure to stop at some of the stunning overlooks that offer up incredible views of the surrounding countryside and the Rio skyline.

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Inicio no Alto da Boa Vista e termina no Morro do Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Estrada das Paineiras is located in Corcovado on the way to Rio’s Christ monument. The path starts just below the van departure point.

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