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Museum of Oriental Ceramics
Museum of Oriental Ceramics

Museum of Oriental Ceramics

The finest ceramics from the Orient – Japan, China and Korea – are all gathered under the roof of Osaka’s Museum of Oriental Ceramics, and the collection is considered to be the best ceramic collection in the world.

The museum collects, studies and conserves all the pieces in their collection and aims to share their knowledge with visitors through the museum's modern facility such as earthquake shock-absorbent platforms, natural and artificial lighting techniques and even display cases that efficiently rotate to provide the best view possible.

The focus of the permanent collection is the Chinese and Korean ceramics of the Ataka Collection, and Korean ceramics of the Rhee Byung-Chang Collection. More than 2,700 pieces make up the collection, including specially lit cabinets of exquisite Nara ceramics, green-glazed ware from Korea and Tang-dynasty celadon ware from China.

Blue and white porcelain from Vietnam is highly prized, along with Japanese Edo-period figurines. The museum also displays special exhibitions from time to time, focusing on specific eras and styles.

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1-1-26 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0005

Practical Info

The Museum of Oriental Ceramics is near about a 5-10 minute walk from either Naniwabashi or Yodoyabashi stations in central Osaka. There is no parking garage, so it is best to use public transportation when visiting.

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